JUPRES Teachers' College



Jupres Teachers Training College is the new kid on the block at Juja Preparatory and Senior Schools.
We provide our students with a lifelong training, equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes that befits the 21st century teacher. The college aspires to foster personal and professional success through the development of creativity, innovation, research and effective communication skills. Our aim is to make Jupres Teachers Training College a Centre of Excellence by:
1. Providing high quality programs that lead towards certificates and diplomas.
2. Partnering with academic and industry partners to enhance teacher development programs that are recognized by the Teacher Service Commission.
3. Providing our students with skills that are able to respond to the dynamics in education industry and fit into the changes of the unfolding competency based curriculum.
4. Keeping pace with the modern trends in education to ensure that our students are well prepared for the current market in the teaching profession.
To provide teachers with the opportunity to develop professionally using effective and modern instructional methods of a changing world.
To produce teachers with skills, competences and attitudes of the 21st Century teacher..
Maintain a high standard of Integrity to enhance achievement of academic, personal and professional goals.
Uphold honesty at all times in social and professional interactions.
Environmental Awareness
Understanding the importance and protection of our environment, participate in activities that promote environmental conservation.
Work hard and make use of opportunities available to achieve personal and professional goals.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Participate in activities that help in social issues affecting members of our society.